10 Exercises to Increase your SEX Strength During Quarantine Lockdown

As the coronovirus crisis has brought the entire world into lockdown, many tips are being shared to get out of the lockdown period. One of them is to create exercise habits.

While some exercises require gym equipment, many can be easily done at home without any equipment. But the cherry on top is that some exercises can also increase your sexual power.

In addition, this dull quarantine time is the best time to spice up your sexual relationships with your partner. Therefore, all you need to do is exercise and SEX is an amazing time.

Therefore, to make the most of this time, we have designed a bunch of 10 exercises (and its benefits) to flex your body, increase your libido and sex power.


Squats are good for butt and core.

This helps in achieving a firm and attractive floor.

Many muscles work by producing a large number of hormones to help boost your sex drive with porn toys.

They improve the strength and endurance of the gluteus muscles, while the upper legs help improve performance in bed.


It works on the leg and butt muscles.

It builds strength, endurance, balance and core stability in the butt, hips and thighs, all of which play while engaging in sexual activity.

It helps to maintain stamina and supports the rest of your body in all different positions.

Push ups

Push-ups are good for partners at the top.

It works on the arms, shoulders, chest and abdomen for better upper body support and endurance.

They help strengthen the arm, shoulder and abdominal muscles.

Being firm and sexy abs is a very attractive physical feature.


It is recommended for both women and men to strengthen the pelvic floor.

In men, it helps in strengthening and may also improve the control of ejaculation.

In women, it helps relax the artificial vagina, making penetration more comfortable. It can also improve vaginal smoothness, allow more blood to flow to the genitals, increase sexual excitement and make it easier to reach orgasm.

Jumping Jacks

It is a complete physical exercise that works on your heart, lungs, muscles, and especially your glutes.

It is a physical exercise that can increase blood flow and improve erections.

They help strengthen bones and make them denser.


For both men and women, core strength is paramount for good health and sex.

It builds muscles around your abdomen, back and pelvis - all of which can make the difference to stay in bed longer.

Cross crunches

It works to tone the core muscles and strengthen them along their sides, making it easy to switch positions and stay balanced in bed.

Side Plank

A killer core exercise helps tone your shoulders, diagonally and feet from heel to hip.

This step also strengthens the deep muscles of your lower back, to help with the pain.

Russian twist

A core exercise that targets the muscles of the torso and spinal stabilizers.

Twists strengthen the core and increase libido for better sex life.

High Knees

A cardio-intensive exercise done at high speed.

It engages the core, strengthens all leg muscles, increases heart rate and improves speed, coordination, and flexibility.

Due to the many physical benefits, this practice is also included in various types of workouts.

Dead Insects

Most permanent sex positions require a good level of core, strength, and low-body stability.

This is called an incredible exercise that works heavily on both the core, spine, back muscles and lower body.

It improves posture and helps to relieve and prevent lower back pain while improving balance and coordination.

We hope that you will be very excited to try these exercises at home because staying at home for a long time can cause additional stress and can also challenge your mental health. Physical exercise and relaxation methods can help you stay calm and continue to protect your health during these difficult times. and also,This will boost your sexual performance. Then, why not make the most of your free time and plan your calendar for a daily exercise routine. Know how it goes

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