10 straight guys reveal their favorite sex tricks

10 straight guys reveal their favorite sex tricks

  • 04 April, 2021
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adultproduct.com asked 10 people what they like to do in bed with women. And the good news: they love Qunilingus.

1. "I can't wait for him to go down." "I like to show her that I can't wait for her to go down, so I'll usually be the one who goes down from the first one. Then I make sure that I show my enthusiasm for eating." Doing this "—Kevin, 29

2. "I really like using the finger on her butt." "Whenever we're doing anything, I really like to use a finger on her butt. As long as she's okay with it, it's all we do. Besides, it's super dirty, which Is an important point. " - Lesson, 25

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3. "I'm falling in love with a girl." "I'm in love with a girl for three reasons. One, I love it. Two, he likes it. Three, he takes the pressure off his entry and we can just enjoy each other." "- 31, 31

4. "I have this step when I'm at the top." "So it's hard to explain, but I have this trick when I'm on top. I separated my ring and middle fingers, and then came from the armpits so that the base of my fingers would touch the base of my artificial penis sex toy women." Don't know why or how, or how I even found it out in the first place, but it drives my girlfriend crazy. And I was watching him so hot. "

5. "I'm not sure what's hotter than a girl going down." "I mean, I'm not sure what's hotter than a girl going down. Like, I like sex, don't get me wrong, but you can't beat that scene, and I think when women Gives you heads. They make a noise… You can't beat a man. "- Grigg, 23

6. "I really like playing with her nipples." "Well, outside of sex store, obviously I really like to play with her nipples. You can drive a woman crazy to spend time for nipples. I think maybe people would have given up a lot of it And have to go right for oral or sex. Whatever it is, but don't ignore the breast. - Chris, not 2 2

7. "It is teased during sex." "Oh, man, um ... if I like 'trick' or whatever it is, it is teased during sex. Like, you take out your penis and rub it on the outside of your vagina." Are you okay? After all, you make them beg for it, and I swear you can make it as soon as you come back. - Stephen, 24

8. "I like to use my belt to tie my hands." "I don't know if it's Fifty Shades or what, but I like to use my belt to brace my hands. It's really light bonded, so it doesn't exclude anyone and it's too hot . And then the next day. " The text to him, 'so I'm wearing that belt at work ...' is always a good conversation starter. - Tom, 25

9. "Is he going down in his count?" "Is she going down in her count? I like to do it and I feel like sometimes women sex product store don't believe me. But doing all this with her and waiting for her army to come is a big task." is." is. "Nick, 2 n.

10. "Truly I feel my hands." "I'm falling in love with a woman, but I'm really getting my hands on it, if you know what I mean. The combination of penetration and clit excitement always comes to them, which is terrible.

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