Sexual Feel Bunny Pocket Pussy

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Product Features :

  • Length : 5.5" inches
  • Width : 2.3" inches
  • Realistic and Tight interior design
  • bodypart : Vagina
  • Material: Silicone
  • 100% Waterproof.
  • Washable And Reusable.

How to Use :

  • Lubricate yourself and the opening of the Box. This will ensure a smooth ride, and will make the silicone material feel extra enjoyable and realistic.
  • Have an incredibly intense orgasm.
  • Clean yourself by sex toy Cleaner.
  • Use it with Condom and Lubricants
  • Please store in cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

Product Description :

  • Pocket pussy bunny, a baby touch masturbation in real vagina shape. A soft masturbation with a thick texture is the perfect combination to use in masturbation for maximum pleasure. This sex toy for men can be used by beginning as well as expert users.
  • Pocket Pussy Bunny's material is soft skin color, which looks and looks like the real thing. The structure inside is characterized by a dotted cranking surface with a small hole along the top. This dotted surface extends from the top to the inner walls. The pleasure of going inside it is not straight and is like hitting the vaginal muscles. This dotted texture is perfect for thrusting and moving over the penis.
  • Also, the outside texture is not straight. It is difficult to make a grip with a straight surface, as to why we associate this masturbation. This masturbation has wave lines that hold the hand. Piercing is easy.
  • Pocket Pussy Bunny-7 is a toy from its series, but it is slightly thicker and bigger than Pocket Pussy Bunny-2. But the entrance is the same in both, the real vaginal wall. The entrance hole is genuine. This real vagina is followed by a tight hole that gives the right pressure on the penis.

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