Why Every Woman Wants A Sex Toy

Why Every Woman Wants A Sex Toy

  • 13 December, 2020
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Everyone is comfortable talking about sex these days. People do not hesitate to talk about who they are doing with, how many times a week and even the positions they are enjoying in bed. Luckily, the Fifty Shades franchise has taught us to take sex more seriously and talk about it without hesitation. However, one thing Fifty Shades still does not teach people is the ease of sex toys for women.

Even in today's "modern world", many people turn their heads as soon as they bring the topic of sex toys to the table. In our society, sex toys are still considered taboo. Even girls who use sex toys and know their benefits do not talk openly about them. However, the truth is bringing sex toys into your life which can benefit your life in many ways. Not only do sex toys help you to have full orgasm, but they improve your overall health in many ways. And, if you are in a relationship, sex toys can help you satisfy your chemistry with your partner. So, if you have never used a Dildo or Desperate Vibrator in India in the past, then you are very surprised. Here are some of the most potential benefits of using female sex toys regularly.    

Self-Pleasure is Fun

Fully satisfied sex can be fun, but nothing gives the pleasure of self-love. Laying on your bed and masturbating, while having complete control over your body, boosts your overall confidence and helps you become familiar with your body. When you use sex toys for women during masturbation, you get to know what your body likes and dislikes in terms of pleasure. This will actually help you make your sex life with your partner more satisfying. On the other hand, if you are not dating, sex toys like vibrators and dildos are the best option for you to enjoy orgasm to the fullest.   

Boosts your libido

You believe it or not, but the use of sex toys actually increases your libido. Women who regularly use sex toys have relatively higher sexual desire, excitement and natural smoothness. Since sex toys help you stay sexually active, your desire to have sex increases, which can lead to intimacy in your relationship with your partner. You can use a small disc vibrator like sex toy for clitoris massage in India, which will boost your sex drive. You can also use sex toys to experiment with your body. In most cases, women lose sexual drive, because they do not get what their body wants. With sex toys, you can understand your body's desires and play accordingly.    

Relieves stress and improves sleep patterns

Compared to men, women experience a higher level of stress. Now, while a woman may have different reasons for feeling stressed, unsatisfactory sex life is the most common reason among all. A woman whose sex life is not satisfactory is likely to remain stressed and, consequently, experience sleep disturbances at the same time. One of the ways to reduce stress and improve sleep is powerful orgasm. During sexual intercourse, the body secretes oxytocin, the love hormone. This love hormone also enhances your way of sleeping and helps you enjoy a peaceful sleep at night.   

Sex toys are good for couples

In the early days, sex is very fun. Both you and your partner are busy exploring each other's bodies and every second of the experience is enjoyable. However, somewhere line sex occurs and you are not able to have sexual intercourse as before. And, if you keep doing it in the same position every day, then your sex life will become quite stale. This is when sex toys for women are in trend. Using sex toys with your partner can make your sex life more satisfying and enjoyable.


Sex toys are good for vaginal health

Even in the early 19th century, vaginal massage was used for health conditions such as hysteria. Today, you can use sex vibrator in India or a dedicated massage to improve your vaginal health and enjoy comfortable and pain free sex. Also, since vibrators like sex toys increase the natural smoothness of your vagina, you can feel more comfortable during sex.   

What are the most popular sex toys for women?

Now, when you know the potential benefits of using sex toys, let's take a look at some of the most popular sex toy options for women.


Vibrators are the most popular female sex toy in India. Vibrations come in various shapes and sizes. Although some vibrators look like a male penis, it is not necessary that every vibrator is like a dick. Some vibrators can also look like small bullets. The point is that each vibrator is designed to address a specific purpose. For example, some vibrators are designed for clitoris stimulation while others are designed to hit the G-spot vibrator. Therefore, be sure to select the right vibrator as per your choice.

Realistic dildo

Like the vibrator, Dildo is also one of the popular sex toys for women in India. These giant sex toys actually look like the male penis and are specifically designed to hit deep spots. If you enjoy deep penetration, then the realistic dildo is the right choice for you. These realistic dildos also have a suction cup on the bottom, meaning you can stick the dildo to the floor and ride it in cowboy position.


Butt plug

Butt plugs are the most popular sex toy option for couples. Even though these little toys are not designed to give you vaginal pleasure, butt plugs can really add more fun to your sex life with your couple. You can ask your partner to put a butt plug in your ass and ask him to move his pussy in the doggie position. This will help you enjoy double happiness.


To wrap things

Using sex toys regularly can benefit your sexual and overall health in many ways. Even though you are in a relationship, it is completely satisfying, you can still use sex toys to make your regular sex life fun and fun.

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