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Important Things You Must Know Buy Sex Product - Adults Product Online +91-9779876793

  • 06 October, 2020
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Well, before you jump to another conclusion…

I'm not a slut.

I have had some meaningful relationships that have made me grow as a person and explore the other gender.

Now come back to the topic,

The way I have been physical, some were having all buy sex toys online India on COD with all of them… ..some confined to casual make outs and only kissing.

Here are some sexual things that men have done wrong in my life,

1) Who laid there like a corpse

Okay, I think men are not expressive beings.

You people do not express much through your words or through your body language.

When you feel good, you are not going to bend your back or bite your lips in happiness.

I have understood !

but sometimes Sometimes, you can make us aware of what you are feeling in bed with whatever medium you are comfortable with.

Maybe you can tease us, or just make a low, hoarse moan… feel something connected!

2) Vaginal Phobia

I once dated a boy for a full 8 months and never touched my ales.

Forget about sucking my vagina and giving me pleasure, he never got close to it except penetration.

The thing to note here is that, I always gave him a blowjob.

He insisted on getting pleasure but never thought about my happiness in bed.

Do not be selfish people. not now!

3) Who does not apply perfume

Okay, maybe it is for me, but during sex I crave for some nice fragrance. I don't care if it's a room freshener, fragrant smoothie or deodorant.

Because I believe that sex is a messy process of two sweaty body and bodily fluids. Eeks!

So maybe if you guys just live on a subtle, masculine colonial, it can only live on our bodies until the end of our sex.

4) He who was obsessed with his penis

Imagine this,

We are in the middle of a super comfort bed…. Surrounded by fluffy pillow… .his arms around my waist …… my feet are on my feet and we are blissfully befriending… ..and kiss in between.


This guy takes my hands… it .kisses… ..takes it down and lays my hands on his dick. and tell me,

"Just keep it right there, I love it".

At the time, I was like "okay… ..".

Okay, very confusing and weird.

So later I realized why we are not doing any sexual activity ... she always wants to keep some part of my body on her dick.

For example… Buy vibrator sec toy online on adults product sex toys seller india .If both of us are lying down and I am putting my foot on his stomach… .. then he will slowly push my leg down so that his dick stays between my knees and thighs and gets stimulated. .

It is like stimulation of the penis on another level.

So those people made terrible mistakes in my life. Make sure you are not repeating these. Learn from them and build a full relationship with your partner.

If you put any such creepy things to bed, leave them in the comments section below.

Until then be prepared for some more adultscare recent sexual incidents in my life....

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