Top 10 Kamasutra Sex Positions You Can Try Tonight

  • 30 June, 2020
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The Kamasutra is an ancient book that was transferred to India, it describes the various functions of sex and all those concerns with the pleasure of the body. The book is no work of fiction and actually describes sexual processes, positions and mechanisms that were written by scholars centuries ago. The information that is inserted within the book is reliable and is proven to work effectively.

The book not only describes the things that concern with sexual relations of the body, but it also describes the love between two persons and how it can be expressed and how effective a person is by reading this book. Can love in a manner. It is not just about the enjoyment of one sex, it is not only one but because of which it is about the art of love.But both partners have a similar experience of happiness and love if the techniques described in this book are properly applied. It portrays the reader in a new horizon and explains to them the true meaning of love between a man and a woman.

As stated, the book - Kamasutra, contains a variety of sexual spaces, which can work during sex. Most of these sexual positions are bizarre for the first time and are difficult to get into, so here are the top 10 positions known globally and claimed to be the best sex positions, mentioned in the Kamasutra has gone.

1. Circle

This position is one of the most used sex positions worldwide. This condition is also known as '69'. This situation is about oral sex which is a concern between the two partners. In this situation, oral sex is performed in a simple and elegant way. On indulging in this state of sex, the man lies upright on the bed and the woman lies in the opposite direction of the male.Whereby both partners expose their intimate parts near each other's faces. They can then engage in the act of oral sex, where their tongue can work, while their hands can be used for different purposes.

2. Excavations

Even this position usually tops the list when it comes to the most popular sex positions. This situation is famous these days as 'Doggy Style'. This is one of the most romantic and easiest sex positions a couple can try when choosing for sexual intercourse. In this, sex is from the back i.e. the woman kneels from all sides on the bed, the man inserts his penis from the back into the woman's vagina enlargement toys . In this situation there is an advantage of deep penetration and strengthening of tremors.

3.  Clip

The status clip can go through a list of many, especially those who want to try something romantic and intimate. It is one of those situations that, when engaging in the act of sex, can only be the definition of intimacy, passion and romance. In this position, a person stands on his knees and spreads his legs apart and puts the feet behind his buttocks.In this position the woman adjusts herself to the male's penis and her legs rest on the male's legs which is behind her buttocks, her hands are directly below the ground and palms support for position. The male grabs the woman's buttocks and then begins work.

4. Cancer

 This is exactly the situation that kissing, like the couple did, is addictive for most of them in general. Your experience will be great while when in act like kiss if you engage in this situation. This condition provides a reduction in function that ends only with intercourse. In this position, the woman has to lie on her side, exposing her vagina by spreading her legs and keeping one leg forward and the other back.The man then inserts his penis into the vagina and the woman is facing backward and the couple can easily enjoy sex while kissing during work.

5. Cleopatra

It is one of the positions that can be considered as the leading positions by a woman. It is mostly about the pleasure that a woman receives from oral sex that a man does on her. The woman begins this position by sitting on her knees and bending her back with one hand to support; The male partner then kneels and leans towards the woman's vagina.The man can then perform oral sex on the woman's intimate organs, while he can place his hands behind the woman's buttocks at her feet. The female partner directs the male in this situation and can derive pleasure from the work that the male does.

6. Soldier

As Cleopatra is mostly about women, the claim of this condition can be focused mostly on men. Even this situation is primarily about the act of oral sex, but it is about oral sex that a woman performs on a male partner. The position begins with a man with his feet and hands on his back, both in a relaxed position, on the other hand, the woman lies on her side and places her face near the male's genitals.The woman uses her hand to hold and move the shaft of the penis and has oral sex with her mouth, in which case the man only has to relax and enjoy this action.

7. Bizet

If one has to determine the best sex position, then the bizette should definitely be one of the most popular and best sex positions among couples worldwide. The bodies of the two partners become closer which continues to grow with the condition. However, this condition can be the exact definition of strength and softness at the same time. In this situation, both partners lie sideways and the male partner lags behind.

8. Fall

It is one of the most attractive sex positions among all the rest. This condition is also known as a type of missionary position and the condition is actually a definition of sheer feelings and emotions as there is direct eye contact between the two partners as long as they are having sex.In this position the woman lies on her back and opens her legs wide and the front man brings his penis to the intimate parts of the woman and the action begins, the woman turns her leg backward and Gets up. The man's back and brings him closer.

9. Rose

Rose can be described as those erotic positions that exist from pluses, it is equally comfortable. The woman is usually in charge with the condition and the man usually starts liking it. In this situation, the male partner simply has to stretch his legs slightly and lie down comfortably. On the other hand, the woman sits on the male and takes her male's penis inside her vagina and sits on the male as a petal.The man then elevates himself slightly and enjoys the pleasure that the woman makes on his penis with a slow and sensual gait. The male grabs the female's waist from behind, as the woman sits on the male.

10. Workout

As the condition is, it is actually a form of a workout, as both men and women need a fit posture to engage in this position while having sex. This act requires man to obtain a good power. The entire situation is in the form of a man and a woman, both of them standing while having sex. Towards the beginning the male has to stand upright, then he elevates the woman above the area of ​​her vagina, bringing the intimate parts of the two partners closer.The man then picks up the woman and holds her from behind her buttock and waist area. The woman also rotates her legs behind the man's back. This situation is very intimate and both men and women face each other throughout sextoys online india.

Apart from these mentioned posts, there are many other posts in Kamasutra toys shop which can be interesting and, one must join various posts to try different things in the art of making love.

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